Low-Mane-Tenance Hair


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Most times, much to my frustration when I ask people whose hair I admire what they put in it to get it to look the way it does. The answer is, “Oh, nothing. I just washed it.” Well good for you! I need a little help.

I do have a pretty decent looking wash-and-go look, but I have taken my look from a six to a ten with my Curl-Mane-tenance from Aunt Jackie’s Range.

FullSizeRender (12)

I have been using the anti-poof defining curl whip since December last year. Here is what I like about it.


– Contents. With shea butter, flaxseed, Argan oil and mango butter, it is a cocktail of goodness and it doesn’t smell bad

-Does not weigh down the hair

– Gives a shine but is non greasy

– Sizable jar and has lasts a while (maybe it’s because I have short hair but great value for money)

I reviewed Auntie Jackie’s Quench!! and have been using these two products to complement one another. Depending on how rushed my morning is, I do put the pudding onto my wet hair and it does curl nicely. It takes a bit longer to “dissolve” into the hair when wet but when it does, the look is great.


Kinks and coils

This product is recommended for hair types that have coils, curls, and waves. I have coily hair but curious to see or know what it could do for other hair texture that are different from mine.


As always, sharing is caring. Thanks to Umoyo I am giving away a jar of Curl Mane-tence, please check out my Instagram page for details. Terms and conditions apply.





Of Glorious Green Liquids-quench!


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I celebrated my one year hair anniversary (yes, even hair deserves an anniversary) this year. I cut my hair in August 2015 and have constantly kept it short. At times with more length than usual but this is my standard look.

I realised, that I don’t care for my hair as much as I did before when it was longer. Apart from coconut oil, I am easy going borderline fuss-free about everything else I put in it.  I am working to change that, especially now that I have plans to possibly grow it out. I have been looking for products to keep it looking and feeling great and I have found a gem.


Few of my fav things currently, in that order starting from the left


All hair lengths need to be cared for properly and as your resident product reviewer I tried out a leave in-conditioner as part of a better hair care regime I am now on.  Umoyo hooked me up with Aunt Jackie’s quench! (love the name!). This moisture intensive leave-in deep conditioner is from their range for curls and coils.


There is always a fear that leaving such products in your hair, long or short often causes your scalp to dry out and you get more dandruff and some may weigh down the hair. Not this one.

I wash my hair twice-thrice a week. It has been four weeks of using Aunt Jackie’s quench! and my hair is super happy, soft, and lustrous. Also, no dried-out scalp. I use a sizeable amount of the quench! AFTER my final rinse where I get to leave it in. My hair feels so soft and lustrous after.


What do I love about this product?


  • It smells so good you would think its edible
  • Doesn’t weigh down the hair
  • It is called quench for a reason-my hair is hydrated
  • It is really mositurising (it contains shea butter and olive oil)
  • Cost benefit works for me, it will last me a while so I won’t have to buy another bottle just yet


Are you looking for this product or have tried it yourself? Let me know. I have a Giveaway as always, please check out my Instagram for terms and conditions of how to stand chance to win yourself a bottle. Thanks to Umoyo for the hook up and I too get to spread the luv!

Who Says Class Is Boring?


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If you follow my Instagram account, you may know that I am enthusiastic about yoga. It is my go stress relief and grounding activity.

I grew up in a home that had yoga books lying around, my dad practiced yoga and I often imitated the poses. Fast forward many (many) years later, I decided to more deliberately go about and journey into the age-old practice.

I have been practicing at home for over a year, self-teaching but recently I went to an actual class. With my yoga mat and good vibes, I attended my first ever yoga class with Kuthuta Yoga under Towani Clarke’s watchful eye. After an initial week of an hour of class every day and later two a week for the rest of the month, this is what I learnt:


  • Alignment is important.


I have read books, watched videos but sometimes it’s hard to get yourself aligned right in some poses. It is so helpful to have a person say to you, ‘no, this way, more to the right, or ‘lower your hips.’

At the end of only the first week, with my improving form I found myself able to hold poses longer and those that required deeper folds, I folded into better.




  • Mindfulness

I want to be a yoga instructor soon and sometimes I get impatient with myself. I shared this with my teacher who simply replied, “to be aware of others, you must first be aware of yourself.” Such a powerful statement and more than one occasion applied even off the yoga mat. Everything starts with self before it can affect another.


  • Yoga is community.

Attending class, it was nice to be in the same space as people who like the same thing as me. It was so nice to see the diversity of people. I always say yoga is for everyone and class proved this true. Across body size, race, age, and gender! The other students who had been part of the classes longer knew a lot more about each other, like who has the tender knee or back injury. That sort of thing. It is family of sorts.


  • It’s not what it looks like but how it feels.

Given that you are at least well aligned, it is not about what it looks like. Everyone in class has varied ability but we all leave the place feeling great. Yoga has poses that challenge you, mind and body. A pose may require that a leg be raised well over the head and you can only take it a few centimeters off the ground, guess what? That is okay. Everything happens gradually. You come back the next day. You try again, now your leg is higher than it was yesterday by an inch or two. You feel great, you have achieved something.


Have you ever considered taking a yoga class? I just convinced my colleague to come with me for a Friday evening class. If you are interested in yoga too, here’ the hook up:

Kuthuta Yoga

Info: +260 966 728 911



Towani, Kuthuta Yoga Instructor 


I’ve Got the Juice!


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I have always known about aloe vera and its health benefits, more so topically as opposed to it being ingested. The house I grew up in had several aloe vera plants around the yard and I remember my mother using the gel on a ring worm my brother had a ring worm and it worked really well.

In the recent past I have used products like body lotion which claim to have aloe vera in them. It has been a great three weeks of using Umoyo’s Pure Aloe Drink as it has given me a chance to use and experience the plant’s goodness in a way that is fairly new to me.

I had not used this product before and as your trusted “tester” went on with it diligently. I tried it out first with nothing but water (four table spoons full to a medium sized glass of water). I admit to not doing that again. It was extremely bitter and so that was not how it would be going down for me.


Going forward, I had fun with adding the aloe to my morning juice, fruit smoothies and even simple lemon-water. It added a twist to most of these drinks. In some the taste of aloe was completely masked while in others it gave a slight bitter but drinkable end product.


Aloe in lemon water at breakfast.

I was happy to use the product because it is great for detoxing the body, alkalizing, immune boosting and has some anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in vitamins (Vitamin C included, which I have a deficiency of), amino acids and choline which is important for liver function.

I had been the most prone to colds earlier but notably have not had sniffles in the weeks that I have religiously taken an aloe vera infused drink with my breakfast.

The most notable for me during these weeks has been my digestion. I don’t feel bloated, never really have had problems with that but I feel lighter and have had great bowel movement.


In that fruit smoothie

I was pleased to chat with one of my Instagram followers who shared how aloe vera helped her on her amazing weight loss journey. It is a great plant with amazing properties.

Have you tried out aloe vera as a drink? If so, do share with me your experience. If not and you are looking for an extra boost to your morning liquid intake consider trying out Umoyo’s Pure Aloe Drink.

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be…?


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One of my cousins, when he was fairly younger -about age five or so- was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. Although fairly ridiculous, he said, “I want to be a Hilux.”

He gave the most original answer I have ever heard to date.

We still laugh as a family when we recall his desire to be this particular car. Well, given we live in a technologically advanced era and with films like Transformers being made, he may have been on to something very futuristic. The question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ is highly pressurizing. Some of us are grown and still don’t know and those who do may, like my then five-year old cousin, give a similar answer to his. How so?

There is an information gap most students face between their academic pursuits and what they can be once they are done with their studies.

I saw this in myself as a young student. In my foundation year, pursuing my accounting certificate I was very blank as to what options lay ahead of me.  As “straight-forward” as being an accountancy student seems, in my head (and probably my peers’) then, if you studied accounting you became an accountant right? Not quite. At the time, I did not know the many options available to me that my qualification could possibly allow me take. Would it be Tax, Auditing, Treasury or Forensic Accounting? Regardless of your field of study, there is often not just ONE path.

There are many possibilities field related that your career could go, and the task is on you to be as proactive as you can in gaining knowledge of this type of information to close that gap.

How do you do this?

It helps a great deal to research your field of study before getting into it. Ask questions and read the course outlines. If you are already in it, no harm; you can still do the same. Most important for either situation is to research and seek out people already in careers that stem from your field of study.  If you know someone, ask them the right questions to help you understand what it is a job in that particular field entails. If a person like this is not easily accessible, use LinkedIn to have a peek into their academic and career progression story. What did they study and where? What type of work did they take on thereafter?

This type of information makes you more aware of what you can hope for after you graduate and it allows you to marry your courses to your end game. For some, this might mean changing some courses while for others, it might even mean taking a whole new program. And that is alright; it is never too late.

If you are in a position to work and study, I would encourage it even just for a while. It may be entry level but you are in the environment, you can speak to your supervisors and get a real understanding of things. Nothing gives you a better feel of the work environment than the environment itself.  It removes a lot of misconceptions that students may have about what really happens in the real world. Also, graduating with some work experience is always an added advantage.

It can also give you a feel of whether or not that particular area is right for you or not. Knowledge is power. Seek it.


Black Castor Oil Review


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I got to review Black Castor Oil from Umoyo, and here is what I found in the three weeks that I have been using it.


The look of the bottle.

The Black Castor Oil is the first of its kind that I have ever used. I have used regular castor oil for my hair in the past. The oil comes from a castor bean; the darker oil (black) appears so as it contains ash of the roasted castor beans. Castor oil contains fatty acids and has anti-fungal properties in it making it good for both hair and skin.

On Skin

I had never heard of anyone use Black Castor Oil on their skin, but taking the lead from the bottle, I did. Research on it had me find that it apparently helps with eczema, warts, ringworms and improves appearance of scars.

I am a fan of oils, coconut oil being my go to.

Oils apply so easily, what’s not to love!  I found that the same with black castor oil although, thicker than the oil (coconut oil) I normally use, it spreads just as well and is non-greasy. The smell, like most natural products is something you have to get used to. It is slightly heavy and earthy, in a way that I actually like.

The weather has been a lot drier in these parts, and I have found the oil fair in keeping my skin non ashy but wish it did more for me. My skin feels good but still looks a rather dry after I apply it to my skin.

On Hair

Now, I know black castor oil to be a hair favourite, and I vouch for it. I actually kept away from the barbers clippers just for this review. It does not give hair a top shine but it surely does the hair good. My brother, whom I assigned a fair amount of the oil to use, also, has enjoyed using the oil. He has longer hair than I do and it’s dark and thick. His hair took to it well, as did mine.

FullSizeRender (1)_3

With my brother. P.S I am wearing a wig

I like that after use the oil makes the hair soft and well moisturized a must in this season.  I also noticed that the patch on my head where my hair is thinning out has in the few weeks of massaging the oil on that particular spot seen decent growth.

Black castor oil is spoken highly of in the hair community for really helping with growth and hair repair.


Would I use this product again? Yes I would, but mainly for hair.


My hair 🙂

Have you used Black Castor Oil too? Do tell me about it, do you prefer it for your skin, hair or both?


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The ‘B’ Word


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The fourth I AM A Zed Blogger challenge was in my inbox on 2nd April and I absolutely loved the topic! I did not get the chance to take part but because the topic is important, I decided to go ahead and give my two cents anyway…

There is a steady rise in the number of bloggers in Zambia. Almost everyone seems to have a blog these days; it has become as natural as having a Facebook account. Some people think it’s pretty cool, others have that ‘oh my, not another blogger’ look on their face when you say, “I’m a blogger.”

In the sixteen months of Ink on My Cashmere’s existence, I have seen the readership grow, been exposed to fantastic networking opportunities by virtue of being a blogger and have also made great contacts that allow me exploration of avenues that might not have been open to me prior to becoming a blogger.  So, I must be doing some things right. Yay!

How does one stay relevant and survive in the small but growing blogging community?


Define Yourself

The first step is to know yourself and define your blog.


Especially if your particular niche is saturated you need to work twice as hard and be sure to differentiate yourself from the next blog.

IOMC is a lifestyle blog finding its feet. Not the first, definitely not the last but the goal is to be worthy of note.  Lifestyle blogging is pretty wide. To stop from wandering off I have made it about the things I love. I don’t blog about anything and everything if it doesn’t fit the blogs direction.

I try my best to always allow my personality to come out through my posts because I am my blog to an extent. People relate to people, and more so to authenticity. Be who you are.

Take Yourself Seriously

Blogging can be a hobby but also a great tool to expose your craft and possibly monetize your work.  Blog like you’re getting paid and all your work is going to print.  I plan, research and edit* my work as thoroughly as I can. If you’re covering a topic that is played out…think of a new angle to approach it. Don’t be lazy to go above and beyond.


The process…

*Shout out to my friends Munty and Teks who have on occasion helped me with editing work.


Be Consistent

Consistency is in more than just putting out a post every other week. It is also in the standard of work. I put out posts regularly but never just for the sake of having blogged.

Be Creative

I have fun with my posts. I think my titles through and come up with one that will captivate the reader and urge them to click the link. I also use my own images. The selection process is grueling. Have you ever looked at upwards of thirty pictures of the same thing and had to pick one over the other? That is me on the regular. Generally most people are visual so some good images are well worth the 101 takes.


You Are Not For Everyone

Know your readers. It is so tempting to want to do the most and have mass appeal but that is not possible. I still am not sure if my blog is considered ultra feminine but I know for a fact not everyone reads it—and that is fine! Be okay with not being on everyone’s radar.

Sharing Etiquette

I am a firm believer in pull and not push. I share my posts via my Facebook, Twitter and sometimes Instagram and when I put it out there and leave it open to the platform user to decide whether or not they want to open the link. Share your work but by all means do not force it on the people (unless family and close friends, who have no choice in the matter).


The “blues” of sharing.

Benny Blow, a blogger I greatly respect and admire gave me some great tips on sharing. He said to share at different times of the day to get ‘word out’, especially on Twitter where the timeline moves so fast.


Are you a blogger or would like to be one? Hope this was helpful. Do share with me any tips of your own.


What does your blood say about you?


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I have always been a bit of a big baby about getting my blood drawn for any reason. As scary as the name sounds, Live Blood Analysis is easily one of the coolest things I did last month when I went over to Umoyo for a nutritional analysis.

I actually geeked out a lot and here is why.


Namwila, Head Therapist-Umoyo 

Namwila, the Head Therapist attended to me and educated me on what a Live Blood Analysis is and is not.

It is a nutritional analysis and is NOT used as a diagnostic test, which is what I first thought. Namwila explained to me that the test helps profile liver function, pH balance, toxicity levels, viral loads, deficiencies and immune system strength in one’s body.

It is a glimpse of past, present as well as future conditions an individual may face as a result of their nutrition.


Two samples were taken; one for the live blood analysis and the other for a dry blood analysis.

I got a gentle prick on my finger and it was really not painful at all.


We started with the Live Blood Analysis.

It is called live blood test because the blood looked at is taken for immediate analysis and it is not stained with any chemical reagent. It is put under their high-tech microscope that has a camera and connected to the computer to allow us to observe he blood on the computer screen.


This was really cool.  I was able see my blood on the screen and all the movements of the cells and particles in it. It really fascinated me. The amount of activity going on and just how much it revealed was astounding.


The cool part 🙂

Using a chart on the wall, I was shown what my sample was saying in comparison to the different pictures. With some, I compared fairly well and with others, not so much.


Namwila assured me to not worry as the analysis using the dry blood samples would be better indication of what a cause for concern is and what isn’t.



The dry blood analysis has eight spots of blood, with the first larger in size than the eighth.

This part of the test helps look at conditions in the blood that are either temporal or chronic. Any traces picked up continually in each of the eight spots show the chronic nature of the matter. The blood is less concentrated from the first to the last spot sample and that is how this is proven.


I was amazed at the findings of my analysis.


All smiles after my analysis

Namwila has no idea of my medical history but was able to ask me questions about alignments I actually have had in the past. Like my being prone to colds and skin conditions (11 and 12 were a bit rough for me), my joint problems and so much more.

I was even asked if I crave chocolate or ice.

I constantly crave chocolate. Namwila shared that that was my body telling me it needs more magnesium. How interesting! My analysis showed that I had a magnesium deficiency.

She suggested Umoyo supplements for that and also others to help give my liver the boost it needs, get my body pH levels more alkaline and get more iron and vitamin C.


I am one of the healthiest eaters I know, not to mention pretty fit. I had no idea just how many deficiencies I have, and that my body appears to not digest protein well enough. I may need to reconsider how much sugar really is in my food too. I realise now that with food, it is so important to ensure the quality and the nutritional value of everything I eat.


Have you ever done a Live Blood Analysis? Would you consider it? Do let me know.



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Mud About You: Bentonite Clay


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Sunday has become my favourite day of the week over the recent months for several reasons. I often see some of my favourite people on this day and it is also the day I set aside to pamper myself.  I have a full body scrub and get a fresh manicure and pedicure done in readiness for the week ahead.


The simple pleasures

When I got the Umoyo Bentonite Clay, I knew that Sunday would become a little extra special with an addition of a clay face mask to keep in the spirit of pampering one’s self.



I got the clay on a weekday and I could not wait for Sunday. I was eager and went ahead with one of the two masks I have since done. Or rather three: I convinced my brother to try and he allowed me to “clay” his face. In all honesty, I am offering face masks to anyone in the home (visitors included) who will sit still long enough for me to!


My first home clay mask

The packaging is very simple and has instructions on the back with all the information on use and amounts to mix.


IMG_4147 (1)

I found that the consistency for a perfect mask is a bit difficult to get so I simply take a teaspoon of clay to a quarter cup of water and allow it to lump. I then get the lump of clay and apply it to my face. It is easier this way with the clay in sort of a soft bar of soap state.

It was not the first experience I’ve had with the clay. I did the Colloidal Silver Acne Treatment  a few months back and it incorporates the clay into one of the stages of the facial so I am fairly familiar with it.

The clay is said to help with acne as it draws out toxins from the skin. It also heals, improves scarring, tightens pores and softens skin.

One of my face masks was on a day that I had a bit of a pimple coming as I could feel the soreness on my cheek. I was just waiting for it to rear its ugly head but to my surprise, days passed after the mask and, no pimple.


How does it work?

Bentonite clay is a volcanic ash that carries a negative charge; this is what allows it to attract toxins by creating a bond with their positive charge.  I will not go into a chemistry class about it but will tell you basically the science of ions, positive and negative charges are what allow for it to work in drawing toxins and impurities out of your body and skin.

I, however, did not know it could be used for water purification and taken internally to alkalize the body.

P.S your body should ideally internally be more alkaline than acidic.

I have since had three glasses of bentonite clay water. It is not as bad as you’d think. It’s a murky drink whose bland taste makes it easy to drink. I hope to keep this up at least thrice a week in efforts to ensure my body has a healthy pH.


Bentonite clay drink and granules. 

I learnt that it is a very versatile product too. Lee, a social media friend mentioned how it is good for hair-keeping it shiny and extremely clean. Further reading on other uses brought out that it is great for oral hygiene by way of a clay tooth paste, for soothing of burns and insect bites and healing of eczema.

I enjoyed using the product as a face mask and body remineraliser.


Do you have a Sunday ritual and what does it involve? Have you tried Bentonite Clay? If so, what is your favourite use? If you haven’t, why not?


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Getting Lippy with MAC


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FullSizeRender (1)_2

I absolutely love makeup so much so that, once upon a random New York city night, a jet lagged wide-eyed girl wandered off into Times Square in the dark of night and  into MAC to buy a few of her favourite items.

MAC is the lead brand in all of my makeup collection and so when the invite came for the Art of The Lip at the newly opened MAC store at Manda Hill Mall in Lusaka, I was excited to update my Google calendar for what looked to be a fun night.


The invite

I thought out carefully what I was going to wear, being sure to avoid wearing black as it is the industry standard for makeup artists, I thought to go dressed a bit more brightly taking a lead from the very vibrant invitation.

I took extra time with my face, keeping my eye the main focus and going for a soft lip. Bam, and I was good to go!


My look.


I arrived to a great crowd who were all upbeat; a mood set by Dj Hussein whose music at some point moved me to jive a little. The drinks flowed in abundance and there were snacks to nibble on…all served by extremely dashing models!


The place was full of new and familiar faces from all industries because makeup is that thing. Regardless of what you do and how much of it you wear, we all have that makeup item we love. Personally, I am a lover of mascara and lipstick.

There was a fun picture corner where all the guests had their picture taken after puckering up or the makeup artists and getting a fresh and fun lip. It wouldn’t be the art of the lip if it didn’t by the end of the night have all the fabulous guests in a shade of lipstick other than that which they showed up in. I saw a fantastic ombre lip, a very captivating shimmery mermaid-like green oh and there was a stunning gold lip too. I was enticed into switching up my soft pink lip for a brighter one. Reluctantly, but I did love the end result.


All things bright and beautiful!


The highlight of the evening was getting to meet the wonderful people from MAC. Marco Louis Ackers, the Resident Senior Artist for MAC Sub Saharan Africa, with his perfect hair and warm smile was kind enough to share a few tips and trends with Ink On My Cashmere. So, from the pro himself, here is what he had to say.


Marco Louis


Ink On My Cashmere: What trends are big right now with makeup for 2016?

Marco Louis: As with every season, so much variety can be found in the makeup realm this year.  With MAC there is a big focus on all or nothing makeup.  What this basically means is that makeup is super personalised.  Whether you choose to do full contouring and highlighting or focus on skin care for a natural flawless look, your makeup serves as a tool to bring out the most beautiful version of you.
One key feature would definitely be loads of mascara in every look: the more lash the better.  I am madly in love with MAC Upward lash.  It doesn’t matter what kind of lash you have, this mascara will transform them into an ultra feminine detail.

-IOMC: Name a makeup trend you’ve been happy to see go.

ML: Ha ha.  I have to say that I truly love every trend and that consumers are using makeup to transform themselves into anything they want.  I think this makes makeup a very powerful tool to define yourself.
One trend I am happy is changing for the better would have to be the stamped on eyebrow.  Eyebrows are sisters and not twins, so focusing on technique to create a natural looking brow is key.  Spending some time with the artists in store will assist in developing your personal makeup ability.

IOMC: For the woman on a budget, what three makeup bag essentials must she never compromise on?

ML: Preparation for great makeup is definitely the best way to achieve expert results with a long lasting finish.  So a good primer like MAC Face Protect SPF50 will not only prolong the wear of your makeup but give added protection for the skin.  Again, a great lash and a killer lipstick will seal the deal.

IONM: What is your fail proof night makeup look?

ML: The red lip would have to be my pick for iconic fail proof night makeup.  Pair this with a natural eye and a MAC #33 false lash and you’re all set.

IOMC: Zambia in the last four years has seen the rise of makeup artists. With a seasoned career like yours, what advice do you have to artists looking to grow in the industry?

ML: Know your consumer.  If you help them understand the trends but personalise it to their needs you will surely gain a great reputation with your clients.  I also believe that your makeup should be as versatile as possible to include every kind of man or woman.


Cheers to that and to a wonderful brand!